Autumn 2023

Children Crave Stories

Storytelling Course in person and online

      Beginning of October 2023 onwards

                Cost: sliding scale £60-£120-£200                          

This storytelling course is excellent for teachers, parents, grandparents and people in the listening and caring professions. Get in touch by email or phone.

  • Learn the skills of using rhyme, rhythm and repetition for young children

  • Choose age and stage appropriate stories for your (grand)children

  • Discover and observe child development

  • Learn how to create short stories to help with challenging behaviour

  • Be delighted by your hidden gifts of using voice and body language to tell a story


We all tell stories every day, but some of them can help us forward, and others hold us back.  Good storytelling creates intimacy, warmth and well-being.

Children crave stories! In this storytelling course, parents and teachers, learn about child development and how stories are essential to children's health, growth and emotional intelligence.  Discover where you can find appropriate stories. Stories can help with challenging behaviour: how to find or create your own special stories to bring harmony into the home and classroom.

For carers, there are many short traditional stories bringing us ancient wisdom with wit and humour, invaluable to those whose lives maybe limited by lack of mobility and chronic illness.

Storytelling skills bring self confidence to those who need to stand in front of audiences or classes.  How to use your voice and body to communicate without shouting, and creating a listening silence. 

In this storytelling course, you will be amazed to discover your hidden talents.

Get in touch by email to register your interest in this storytelling course.


Residential Course in July 2024 at Marlborough College Summer School: Stories from the Stones.

July 29th to August 2nd, 2024 

This course begins with looking at the structure of stories, then a trip to be with the ancient Sarsen stones at Avebury.  Using the stones as inspiration, guidance will be given to write your own stories.  See full details at www.summerschool.org



Alex Gautier was unwell with family problems when he took my storytelling course at City Lit.London,
“… how very glad I am that I took your course and bought your book. ….and  although it has taken quite a lot of work in other ways, your course was definitely a major contributor to my feeling better.  

Frances Barrington, Steiner School class teacher: " This was fun and and refreshed my storytelling skills.  In the personal storytelling I came away with the magical blessing of my own life myth!" 

Jasmine Black, soil researcher: " It has been a wonderful storytelling journey with you. I feel very inspired to write stories from this magical forest I am staying in!"

Samantha Wilberforce, yoga therapist and primary teacher: "I have thoroughly enjoyed the course, and learned so much from you."