Well being

A harmonious space can be created for people with movement exercises, harp sounds, intention and deep relaxation. Contact me to talk through the needs of your group. I am currently taking a course in Sound Healing with the College of Sound Healers.

Yoga Classes.

The harp has a special relaxing sound that resonates the water in the human body, retuning it to well-being.  I have played for deep relaxation yoga sessions, at Advent Spirals, five-rhythms dance and mediation sessions.

Special Needs

I have worked with special needs groups at the following centres by "telling a story" using the harp.  Change in rhythm and pitch create a story sound which bypasses words, and communicates with autistic students.

The Shrubberies School, Stroud; Margaret Coates Centre, Bath;  Mosaic, Bristol; Paternoster, Cirencester.

Women's Groups

Sharing in a circle, chanting, singing, hearing and writing poetry and creating sacred space make a vibrant transforming time together. I have many years of experience of leading groups at Sacred Arts Camp.