A summertime Residential Course at Marlborough College!

Free-up yourself by offering your family the wonderful choice of activities. 

There are many summer courses for young and mature running concurrently at the College, creating a family feeling with energy and enthusiasm.  This is a wonderful place for a storytelling course, and a great activity holiday centre for all the family.

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 July 24th to 30th 2022

 Marlborough summer school in UK                                                                                                             web: marlboroughsummerschool.org

/ Literatureandcreativewriting                                                           

This course is excellent for people in the listening and caring professions, such as carers, counsellors, teachers and writers wishing to free up their imagination. This will cover the basic form and wisdom of traditional fairy tales, the mystery of creating three things, practice in telling stories without reading and how to gather personal stories in sensitive situations.

We all tell stories every day, but some of them can help us forward, and others hold us back.  Good storytelling creates intimacy, warmth and well-being. There are many short traditional stories bringing us ancient wisdom with wit and humour, invaluable to those whose lives maybe limited by lack of mobility and chronic illness.

Storytelling skills bring self confidence to those who need to stand in front of audiences, or classes.  How to use your voice and body to communicate without shouting, and creating a listening silence.  Voice and body skills with the fun and colour of stories has always pioneered social change.

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Alex Gautier was unwell with family problems when he took my storytelling course at City Lit.London,
“… how very glad I am that I took your course and bought your book. ….and  although it has taken quite a lot of work in other ways, your course was definitely a major contributor to my feeling better.  

Frances Barrington, Steiner School class teacher: " This was fun and and refreshed my storytelling skills.  In the personal storytelling I came awy with the magical blessing of my own life myth!" 

Jasmine Black, soil researcher: " It has been a wonderful storytelling journey with you. I feel very inspired to write stories from this magical forest I am staying in!"

Samantha Wilberforce, yoga therapist and primary teacher: "I have thoroughly enjoyed the course, and learned so much from you."