I graduated into storytelling from puppetry in 1994.  I ran my own small puppet theatre company, Tricky Fingers, in the 80's in Gwynedd, Wales. The ancient wonder tales of 'The Mabinogion' were first told to me in the places they were rooted: every area of Wales has its ancient stories and legends that are kept alive by the people who live there.

Since then I have told stories from around the world in education, visiting schools from Penzance to Birmingham, London to Merthyr Tydfil; Portugal, Spain and Costa Rica! I began to learn the Clarsach harp (34 string lever harp) when I could not find a harpist to accompany my Celtic stories: I have since fallen under the spell of the sound of the harp to become a lifetime learner. 

I have trained as a Steiner (Waldorf) Education class teacher and worked at a Steiner school. This began my interest into the importance of storytelling for human development.  I wrote a book on storytelling in 2012: 'Storytelling for Life"( Floris Books) as a way of recording what I learnt and felt over the many years I told stories in schools of all kinds. I was honoured to have some life-changing experiences. Throughout this journey I have written short stories and poems, which I am now beginning to publish under Rhiannon Press.

Facilitating groups has been part of the education work.  I have taught storytelling skills to teachers at University of Bath in Swindon, at INSET days, Environment Centres, Literacy Festivals and community groups. Family therapy using Aesops Fables is a current project: I facilitated therapists at the Fairytale Therapy Festival, Sintra, Portugal, 2017, with great success.