Harp Festival and lessons


The first

Harp and Story festival

The first festival in Stroud connecting the folk roots of the harp with stories!

30th September to 2nd October 2022

Lansdown Hall, Stroud GL5, UK

Heather Yule concert and harp classes Saturday 1st October

Alison Newsom storyteller

Ceildh Jo, Star in the Apple,Hannah Hayes

Many other events including harp lessons, harp playing and music for dyslexics.

see also: www.handsonharps.com/harpandstoryfestival


Harp playing for individuals and small groups

The harp is one of the oldest musical instruments, and soothes the senses with its natural harmonies of wood and strings resonating together.  Its tones are recognised by health professionals as capable of lowering the vibration of anxiety.

Many people would like to experience playing the harp, with a hands on harp approach.

Groups of beginners can achieve both personal experience and playing harmoniously with each other in a day!  The 34 string 'Clarsach' harp has nearly five octaves which means it has both a high and low voice, bass and soprano, with tenor and alto in between.

I offer the natural way of teaching, as I learnt it from my teacher, Janet Harbison, using finger patterns on the strings.  No musical note reading skills are used for beginners.  Instead, the player discovers the music of scales and simple tunes by playing them.  

Advice on harp hire or purchase is available.  For groups I can provide simple hired harps for practice in a "hands on harps" session. Get in touch for full details.